Thatched roofs not only keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer but they are also naturally weather-resistant. Robert Marriner and his team bring you many years of experience and expertise in the thatching trade. Book a consultation with our master thatchers today for an expert opinion and advice on any work your roof may require.

Our thatching services include:

- Roof assessments & written reports
- Patching
- Re-Ridging
- Re-Thatching
- Wire netting
- Roof surveys
- All-round thatching advice

The main traditional and popular materials that have stood the test of time that we use are:

- Combed Wheat Reed
- Water Reed
- Long Straw

Ridging: We can provide traditional flush Ridges, ornamental style ridges and our own signature style.

We can also offer quality hand-crafted straw finials ranging from owls and pheasants to dogs and cats!

The health and safety of our employees and clients are of utmost importance to us. All our work is in compliance with the necessary health and safety regulations while using scaffolding wherever necessary. We always strive to maintain a clean and tidy work environment by clearing up rubbish and loose straw every day.

Thatched Roof Repairs

Thatched roofs are made of naturally weather-resistant materials. Badly worn areas on your roof can be patched to keep water out. Our thatchers can work with all types of thatching materials; combed wheat reed, water reed and long straw.


To help protect the coating from water penetration and faster wear, the ridge on your roof will have to be replaced every 10 to 14 years. From semi-circle pattern ornamental ridges to traditional flush ridges, we can build all types of ridges to suit your needs.


When a roof comes to the end of its life and has gone beyond ridging and repair, a new coat is required. We apply our coating to a minimum of 12" and a maximum of 16" using the existing thatch wherever possible as a base coat. Rest assured that your property will be safe and dry from the weather whilst our work is carried out. Coating work can be expected to last up to 30 years if maintained properly. We are experienced in thatching roofs with various features including porches and walls.

Wire netting and straw finials

Wire netting on new roofs can protect straw roofs from birds while on older roofs it adds protection from strong winds. We can lay wire netting on your roof to keep out rats, mice, birds, squirrels and other pests from causing damage to your thatch.

Whilst wire netting keeps the pests away, we also offer a range of hand-crafted straw finials in the shape of owls, pheasants, dogs, cats and other animals to suit your preference.

Fire Safety and Thatch

The 'Dorset Model' has been jointly produced by the Local Authorities across Dorset in conjunction with Dorset Fire & Rescue Service, the National Society of Master Thatchers, and after consultation with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting and the Building Research Establishment Ltd on the basis that evidence has shown that thatch can be made sacrificial in the event of fire.

We recommend early consultation with a member of Building Control staff when considering thatch as each proposal is considered upon its own merits.

This uniform approach to thatched buildings is now being recommended where compensatory requirements are considered acceptable to achieve compliance with the Building Regulations.

Call Robert Marriner for long-lasting thatch work and high standards of craftsmanship at competitive prices.